St Edmund's Catholic Primary School

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All pupils develop at different rates, especially in primary education. We are committed to identifying and providing additional support for any child in need – this is achieved through the Special Education Needs system which allows opportunity to follow up and put in place a range of strategies to enable children to achieve their potential.


We use a range of criteria to identify a child who may have a particular learning difficulty.   Extra help and resources will then be sought where appropriate, for the specific support of that pupil. Sometimes a pupil will only need extra help for a short time. Each child’s needs will be re-assessed and reviewed regularly.


If any parent has concerns about their child’s development, we encourage them to discuss these with the class teacher, who may then refer them to the Special Needs Co-ordinator or to the Head Teacher.


The school has close links with a range of other available support. After consultation with parents/carers, children can be referred to specialists for speech therapy and occupational therapy, or to the borough’s educational psychologist and learning support services team.  We also have access to the Primary Mental Health Team and a school based Play Counsellor.


We are equally alert to the identification of children who are exceptionally able and aim to meet their needs in challenging and stimulating ways. We run regular extension groups as well as setting up independent study activities.