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St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

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Welcome to St Edmund’s.  Whether you are an established family within the school, a new parent or a passing visitor, I have no doubt that you will find something of interest within our website! Our teachers are enthusiastic and strive to encourage a love of learning in our pupils and a richness in faith. Our broad curriculum is God centr...
  • If you've got the Sunday night blues and this lockdown is hitting you harder than the last, you're not alone! We know we can't solve all your troubles, but we can give you tools to help. Everyday tips Sounds to relax Parenting strategies

    21/02/23 11:46:2623 February

  • We're still on half-term! #BBCBitesizeDaily will be back Monday 1st March. Looking for homeschooling resources for this week? Head to to get started!

    21/02/23 11:45:4223 February

  • Share A Story for #WorldBookDay! We've got a special #BBCLiveLesson featuring the talented @ArbeeSmith, @BenShires & author @HumzaProduction. Join us from school or home on Thursday, 4 March at 11:30am on @cbbc! Get your pupils involved here

    21/02/23 11:44:5123 February

  • Richmond Parent Carer Forum's March Membership Incentives for parents/carers of children/young people with SEND, yoga sessions, Meet & Eat, SEND Law Training day, also 'Refer a Friend' scheme so that existing members can take advantage of these offers.

    21/02/23 11:44:1923 February

  • First ever Irish soda bread made using Granny Nash's recipe @StEdmundsTW2 - didn't think we could love Mr Nash any more but... #sundayvibes

    21/02/21 18:41:3321 February

  • "Not another lockdown walk?!"‍♂ As we welcome the first signs of spring why not turn your next nature walk into a fun craft activity... For the activity details

    21/02/21 12:00:2321 February

  • Richmond Parent Carer Forum's March Membership Incentives for parents/carers of children and young people with SEND. They have yoga sessions with free yoga kits, Meet & Eat sessions with a luxury hamper and a SEND Law Training day. Also available is their 'Refer a Friend' scheme so that existing members can take advantage of these offers. Register here to start accessing your exclusive Richmond PCF Member benefits:

    21/02/23 11:38:4723 February

  • What does the first Sunday of Lent mean? Quadragesima Sunday The name for the first Sunday in Lent is derived from the Latin word meaning "fortieth." The first Sunday of the Lenten season is 40 days before Easter. Today's mass: readings, homily, bidding prayers and children's liturgy can be found on our school APP under Resources\Parish.

    21/02/21 11:57:1521 February

  • Get ready to bury yourself in stacks and stacks of pancakes because Shrove Tuesday has arrived. Otherwise known as Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday is today and marks the start of Lent for the next 40 days. Shrove Tuesday is always held on the day preceding Lent, the reason why the date changes each year is because it is commemorated exactly 47 days before Easter Sunday, which also changes date each year. Christians would mark Lent by abstaining from a whole range of rich foods such as butter, meat and milk, pancakes were, therefore, historically eaten on this day so households could use up the sugar, fats and eggs in their cupboards before the fasting season began. Some also believe the four ingredients in a traditional pancake represent the four pillars of Christianity, with the flour representing the 'staff of life', the eggs 'creation', milk as 'purity' and salt as 'wholesomeness'. Here we have a delightful recipe from our series of Cooking with Mr Nash - another recipe inspired by his 'Granny Nash'

    21/02/16 12:55:5516 February

  • Don't forget to join us tonight for our Family Zoom Quiz Night starting at 7pm

    21/02/12 12:21:3012 February

  • New dates for free mental health awareness workshops for parents, due to their popularity, Richmond "MIND" are extending their programme of free workshops to help parents build their children's mental resilience.

    21/02/08 11:54:148 February