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St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

Parish, Family, School

Curriculum Subjects

Please take time to read about each subject area on offer at St Edmund's.

 At St Edmund's we provide a broad and balanced curriculum in order that our children are given opportunity to fulfil our vision for each individual. We want all children to be:

  • effective communicators
  • active contributors
  • aspirational independent learners
  • healthy in mind and body

In order to achieve this, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and teach the National Curriculum as well as providing experiences and enrichment activities to enable children to be their best selves. 

We are developing children's thinking skills through the use of 'thinking maps' and 'habits of mind' - dispositions which are research based and proven to support children's learning.  This is based on the Thinking Skills Curriculum.  We have also introduced the Zones of Regulation Curriculum to support our children in identifying and managing their emotions to ensure they are ready to learn.

To support and enrich the National Curriculum we provide experiences that further enhance children's learning, for example the visits and workshops we provide as well as clubs, performances and sporting events.  IT resources and workshops ensure our children can meet and exceed the requirements in the next phase of their education.

RE is a core subject at St. Edmund’s and is based on the Curriculum Directory (guidance from the Bishops of England and Wales) detailing what should be taught in each phase throughout the school.   RE permeates all aspects of school life.

We have specialist provision for PE, Music, Art and French which the children thoroughly enjoy and often comment upon in their end of year reports.

'Pupils really enjoy a very broad and interesting curriculum. This includes visits out and a wide and popular range of activities out of school hours. Pupils can all succeed in the arts, humanities, science and sport, as well as English and Mathematics. Religious education has a high profile. '

                                                                                                                                                                               Ofsted February 2017.