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St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

Parish, Family, School

Mission and Vision

St Edmund’s Catholic Primary School Mission Statement

Our Catholic School exists to provide an education that is God centred.
It is based on the belief that everything of worth comes from God
and builds on the faith already established by the family through Baptism.
Together we grow through worship and celebration.
We encourage our children to develop their spiritual and academic potential and individual talents.
We nurture qualities of honesty, tolerance, forgiveness, caring and patience.
All are made welcome and the worth of every individual is recognised, valued and celebrated.

‘Together we learn and grow through worship and celebration.’

Vision for our School

At St Edmund’s we want all our children to:

1.  Be effective communicators who can express themselves confidently (listening, speaking, writing, presenting/performing, IT, singing, poetry, artistic, body language etc.)
2.  Be active contributors within the community who show respect, demonstrate empathy, are tolerant of others and have a strong sense of social justice. (family, local, class, national, church, international)
3.  Be aspirational independent learners who show curiosity, are critical thinkers with the necessary dispositions/skills to enable them to achieve their goals in life. (resilience, risk-takers, determined, creative, problem solvers)
4.  Be healthy in mind and body with a zest for life. (self-awareness, self-worth, motivated, spiritual, peaceful, reflective, moral compass)