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St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

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Music at St Edmund’s is alive!

We offer a varied and rich curriculum that includes singing, individual and group instrumental tuition as well as a whole range of opportunities for the children to perform.

Music supports learning across a range of subjects and is often used to enhance our lessons. This proves to be an effective and stimulating way to learn. All our children develop a real love of music.

Comments from our past and present pupils

Year 3: I like moving to the pulse and playing instruments

               Listening to the different music videos 

               Doing actions to the songs

Year 4: I learn how to play musical instruments

               I like watching the music videos and listening to songs I’ve never heard before

               I enjoy learning new things every week

              Singing in parts

Year 5: I enjoy composing, when all the sounds come together it sounds lovely

               I mostly enjoy playing musical games as they are so much fun

               I enjoyed the beat-boxing, it was really enjoyable

Year 6: Watching the videos and listening to the different styles of music

               I enjoy learning up to date songs and playing on the instruments. Also making up my own songs

               I enjoyed The BBC School Music stories, videos and songs

               I like watching the music videos and then discussing them

The St Edmund’s Playlist

Check out our new St Edmund’s Playlist. Our fantastic musicians and vocalists show off their talents from across the school. If you are interested and would like to participate, please notify your teacher or Mr Jankowski.

  1. St Edmund's Catholic Primary School perform a creative dance routine based on Tchaikovsky's famous music from the Nutcracker.
  2. Pupils from St Edmund's Whitton performing 'Change Your Life' by Little Mix, as part of Richmond Music Trust's Singchronised.
  3. Joint choirs from St Edmund’s and Nelson Primary Schools sing “Hallelujah” at Christmas with the Kneller Hall Band.

Choir and Music Clubs

We have a thriving choir that makes regular public appearances including the Richmond Music Singing Festival at the Rose theatre, Kingston and the St Mark’s Joint School Choir Festival amongst others.

     St Mark's Singing Festival 

 The Rose Theatre Singing Festival 

Rehearsing with the Kneller Hall Royal Military Band

Performance in assemblies and concerts are also a regular feature of St Edmund’s providing children with the opportunities to perform to whole school audiences.

Instrumental lessons

The Richmond Music Trust  provide further specialist tuition

Lessons run in school currently consist of  

  • Monday - Piano 
  • Tuesday - Violin (currently online)
  • Friday - Guitar 

School Clubs

  • Tuesday Year 6 Guitar Club with Mrs Nicholl and Mrs Stringer 3G   12.30 – 1pm
  • Wednesday KS2 Choir with Mr Jankowski and Mrs Moreland in the hall. 3:30 – 4.15pm. 

Choir Resources are regularly uploaded for those children who attend choir. Login into Charanga below and click on choir assignments to access songs that we are learning in choir.

Music Revision

Here are some music learning and educational websites for you to access. Have fun listening and learning about different music!

Online Teaching Music Programme


Music Games

Digital Music Making