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St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

Parish, Family, School

School Policies

Please click on a policy below to view.  If you do not see a policy that you would like to read, please contact the school office.  Subject policies are included on the related subject curriculum pages for ease of information. 

  1. PDF FileAccessibility & Disability Policy

  2. PDF FileAllegations of Abuse Against Staff

  3. PDF FileAnti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

  4. PDF FileAnti-Bullying

  5. PDF FileAnti-Bullying Policy for Children

  6. PDF FileAttendance Policy

  7. PDF FileBehaviour - Governor Statement

  8. PDF FileBehaviour Policy

  9. PDF FileBereavement & Loss Policy

  10. PDF FileCCTV Policy

  11. PDF FileCharging and Remissions Policy

  12. PDF FileCollective Worship Policy

  13. PDF FileComplaints - Managing Serial & Unreasonable Complaints

  14. PDF FileComplaints Procedure

  15. PDF FileData Protection Policy

  16. PDF FileEquality Objectives /Statement

  17. PDF FileEqualities Policy

  18. PDF FileFreedom of Information Publication Scheme

  19. PDF FileFundamental British Values

  20. PDF FileGovernor School Visit Policy

  21. PDF FileHealth and Safety Policy

  22. PDF FileHomework Policy

  23. PDF FileKeeping Your Child Safer Online

  24. PDF FileLettings Policy

  25. PDF FileMental Health & Wellbeing Policy

  26. PDF FileOnline Safety Policy

  27. PDF FileOther Faiths Policy

  28. PDF FilePhysical Education Policy

  29. PDF FilePreventing Child Sexual Exploitation Policy

  30. PDF FilePreventing Radicalisation and Extremism Policy

  31. PDF FilePrivacy Notice for Governors and Volunteers

  32. PDF FilePrivacy Notice for Pupils and Parents

  33. PDF FilePrivacy Notice for Supply, Contractors and Consultants

  34. PDF FilePupil Premium Policy

  35. PDF FileRelationship and Sex Education Policy

  36. PDF FileReligious Education Policy

  37. PDF FileRemote Education Policy

  38. PDF FileSafeguarding & Child Protection Policy

  39. PDF FileSchool Uniform Policy

  40. PDF FileSeparated Parents Policy

  41. PDF FileSocial Media Policy

  42. PDF FileSpecial Educational Needs (SEND) Policy

  43. PDF FileSpirituality Policy

  44. PDF FileWhistleblowing Policy