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St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

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Welcome from The Parish Priest

Welcome to St Edmund's Catholic School.

The relationship between the parish and school has, historically, always been a very special one; it is characterised by mutual understanding, cooperation and a deep sense of solidarity. 

Catholic schools exist in order to ensure that an education for Catholics will always involve coming to know and live the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Faith. Of course, this needs to start in the family home, but will also find vital links in belonging to a parish and belonging to a school. Our non-Catholic pupils and parents often say they feel enriched by their inclusion in this community.

At St Edmund's, both staff and pupils strive to live its ethos daily; the governors - especially but not exclusively foundation governors - have a responsibility of protecting and maintaining that ethos, so that the school can truly be said to be anchored in Christ within the Church. It is an ethos and a responsibility that requires strong, healthy and effective links with the parish.

The links that are well established between families, the parish and the school, find their origin in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the mission of the Catholic Church. We all need to be fully committed to ensuring that this experience of the truths of our faith will be well understood and wholeheartedly lived by future generations, as well as our own.

I know that we shall all work together to give our children the best possible start in life and faith.

God bless

Fr Jonathan