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St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

St Edmund's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

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Year 6 Curriculum

The Curriculum - What will my child do in Year 6? 

More information regarding the core subjects taught in Year 6 is detailed below.  To see an overview of the Year 6 curriculum covering every subject, please click here.  You can also click on the following links to familiarise yourself with the National Curriculum objectives taught in English and Maths:

English: Reading, Comprehension & Spoken Language 
English: Writing 

We have been working hard to develop our curriculum, to ensure that we are driving the key knowledge and skills to ensure progression through the national Curriculum. 

Please click here to view the Autumn term curriculum in Year 6.

Please click here to view the Spring term curriculum in Year 6.

Please click here to view the Summer term curriculum in Year 6. 


RE - At St Edmunds, it is the aim that all children, by Year 6, have a firm faith foundation to sustain them on their future life journey. The children are encouraged to explore the reasoning behind their Catholic faith and explore Church history and sacred Scripture to support their views. In Year 6, the children take the lead in organising acts of worship, not only in their own classes, but for the whole school. The children also plan and organise Masses throughout the liturgical calendar including our school's feast day. Throughout the year, the Year 6s are also given the opportunity to take part in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and reflect on the gift of the Eucharist through guided Adoration. As they are the oldest in the school, it is expected that the Year 6s should show an example of Christian living to the other members of the school.

In English, your child will continue to work and revise the spelling patterns from the whole of KS2. In writing, we use a number of different texts to help our writing. We have a strong focus on creativity and we learn about using the full range of punctuation within our written work. We also look at different ways of maintaining the attention of our reader and how we can make our writing enjoyable to read. Your child will also study different genres of writing such as balanced arguments, non-chronological texts and persuasive letters.

Maths in Year 6 has a focus on arithmetic and reasoning. Quick recall of all of the multiplication tables is necessary as this is the key to many aspects of arithmetic. The curriculum in Year 6 is challenging and children will study a wide range of topics. Your children will learn and recap on their techniques from previous years as well as building on these. The national curriculum ‘mastery’ style of teaching concentrates on breadth of knowledge, and children will be encouraged to use their understanding of the new concepts to solve challenges to deepen their understanding.

To learn more about mastery in Maths, please click here. 

Science in Year 6 allows for plenty of investigations. Your child will learn about the animals including humans, electricity, light, evolution and inheritance, living things and their habitats and different scientists and inventors. They will have numerous opportunities to ask questions, experiment on different hypotheses and present their results back to the class.